Simple Cointicker and portfolio tracker that features a simple interface to keep track of current prices and your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Survival TD

A Tower Defense Mod made for Dota 2.

Features 34 waves of enemies including 3 boss waves

Pastebin Sublime Plugin

Simple plugin for sublime text to paste the current selection to a pastebin and return the URL to the clipboard.

Works with sublime text versions 2 and 3


A simple tetris clone made in 100% Javascript and HTML5!

No images are used to create the game, it is merely a grid of fields and colored boxes.

JSON Prettifier

A tool to prettify JSON output data.

Can also be used to validate and highlight the JSON data, and has the ability to sort the keys.


MultiPlayer paint application created with node.js and

It uses the canvas HTML5 element and can even be used on mobile devices such as the iPad.

It features a simple interface you can use to draw with friends or family.

Whois Tool

A simple to use whois tool to easily lookup available domain names and their whois information

BBCode Parser

A small syntax highlighter to highlight code with bbcode, suitable for forums that use bbcode but doesn't have a built-in tag for code highlighting.