08 Sep 2011

XChat Whois Plugin

Tags: irc, whois, plugin, xchat, python

Okay, so I grew tired of XChat outputting the WHOIS information to the status window by default.

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04 Sep 2011

Openbox - With Icons!

Tags: general, linux

Well it seems some have heard my prayers, this is the ONLY feature I have been longing for in openbox, and it's finally landed.

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17 Aug 2011

Firefox versus Quakelive

Tags: quakelive, mozilla, firefox, tutorial

So Mozilla has decided to run a new strategy regarding their beloved firefox browser, they will release a new version much more often than they have done up till now.
I'm not really sure how this benefits them in any way. But I can see how it doesn't benefit me.

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04 Aug 2011

Warsow Server Query Script

Tags: python, query, warsow, server

Okay, so some time ago I decided to write a script that queries a warsow server and retrieves all the server info, like players, map, and so on. just as if you would see the server in the actual serverlist This is very basic, and the technique behind this method can be very easily adapted to any other programming language, and this script should work for both python2 and python3, here goes:

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20 Jul 2011


Tags: metabox, linux

Metabox is a command-line filesharing service, which obviously means that you can share files through the command-line.

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