25 May 2015

Extendable "Classes" in javascript

Tags: javascript

This article will provide a simple method of creating (close to) inheritable classes in JavaScript.

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08 Sep 2013

[Tutorial] How to make a coinchat bot

Tags: coinchat, howto, bitcoin, guide, javascript, tutorial, node, bot


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03 Nov 2011

Remove Ads in the new GMail

Tags: javascript, gmail, ads, remove, css, greasemonkey

Google just released a new interface for GMail, some things I like, and some things I don't. I think it was easier to differentiate between different elements in the old theme. However the search functionality in the new one is really just what GMail needed. It is so much easier to use.

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20 Oct 2011

python-notify example

Tags: python, python-notify, example, examples, tutorial, pynotify, py-notify

So, I was playing around with python-notify just today, and I was amazed by how hard it is to find any examples not to mention atleast some documentation on it.

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03 Oct 2011

web.py and nginx!

Tags: nginx, python, bash, webpy

I have worked with web.py before, but I have never really used it to create anything useful, lately though, I have been working on some small projects like the ones you can find under projects.

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